A gardener who loved each tree, each plant, and each little shrub in garden so well but would not cast away the dead leaves and the withered branches and instead stored them all in the garden. Gradually all the space in the garden was taken up by the dead leaves and dry branches, and the beautiful garden wore the appearance of a desert.
Many of us like the gardener go on store worries, anxieties, fears, failures, frustrations, dis-satisfaction, disappointments, which had been cast away, because of that the beautiful garden of our life is fast becomes  desert. Instead of carrying this heavy load of negative experiences, negative feelings, frustration and dissatisfaction, all we have to do is to turn our Mind towards GOD and contact HIM through prayer.
Out of prayer flows peace within and around. Prayer keeps our minds at peace with everyone and in all circumstances, for; such a heart is ever anchored to the ONE, the only ONE. Those, whose minds are restless as storm tossed boats, never feel at home anywhere and with anybody. Our way is the way of resistance. Often quarreling with conditions and finding fault with others and circumstances, try to put forth supreme efforts to improve matters. In fact no such efforts are needed. What is needed is an inner transformation. This will come through contact with GOD through Prayer.

 PRAYER;;; With all reverence Bow mentally before GOD!, for the Gift of Death of Body which helps us to realize Soul and also it gives us new beginning, that is our faith and belief. The forms of body changes, however, SOUL never dies. That’s how Death is the sweetest Gift endowed by YOU, O! GOD. Beloved! When time ripes Death comes to our Aid. HO! GOD! Bless us all to realize the new Truths of Life and manage to shape Life Beautiful… Ever and Ever… in this short span of Life Journey Bless us not to suffer in pain and agony and help us to leave this body when time comes in cheers without any fear and tension.

                                                   Grant us Salvation and realization.

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