The pathetic world of relations is a vast field of action,

       Yet with the Blessings and advice of Sad-Guru,

         One can easily express truth of passion….


            Wherever one goes and does,

             A Sad-Guru only guides us and makes life easy ,

          Sometimes obeys and sometimes disobeys,

                Yet always presents appropriate options and choices…….


         The list of sorrows is quite long,

        Since endowed with shawl of sins.

         Yet all those sorrows and grief do not count ,

               Since Sad-Guru presents ever there for all those things….


        My Sad-Guru

           Is my adorable Guru,

              and with utmost Love and Care

                   Leading me towards HIM (Sad-Guru)…..


      I am quite alone and unaware 

   And in fact far away from the world of Saints,

  Yet my Sad-Guru brought in my  Life.

     Fantastic excitements and trends…….


   The care and affection of my Sad-Guru towards me is wonderful undoubtedly,

  The Love of Sad-Guru is like Stillness and calmness of a lake.

  That is why except HIS Love and Blessings

  I regard everything in this world as cheap and fake….


   O! Sad-Guru! I am lost in the darkness of Evil,

   YOUR Blessings, Care and Love has become a curing tonic,

  Kindly, I pray do not leave me and go anyhere

  Or else my life turns chronic….


I most reverentially Pray

   Never allow YOUR LOVE to perish,

   and remain everlasting even life after life incessantly,

  so that YOUR Love and Affection can be Happily Cherished….



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