PRAYER   TO   SAD-GURU.
OH! Sad-Guru, the wish fulfilling tree of the Bhaktas,
we pray, Let us never forget and lose sight of
YOUR FEET; we have been troubled with ins and outs
(births and deaths) in this universe; now Free us from
this cycle of births and deaths. Restrain us from the
outgoing of our senses to their objects and introvert
us, and bring us face to face with ATMA (Self).
As long as this outgoing tendency of the senses and
the mind is not checked,there is no prospect of
self-realization. Neither son, nor wife, nor friend,
will be of any use in the end. It is only YOU, SAD-GURU,
who will give us Salvation and Bliss. Destroy completely
our tendency for discussions and other evil matters, let
our tongue get a passion for chanting YOUR (SAD-GURU), name.
Drive out our thoughts, and make us forget our bodies and
do away with our egoism. Make us ever remember YOUR (SAD-GURU),
name and forget all other things. Remove the restlessness of
our mind and make it steady and calm. If you just clasp us,
the darkness of night, of our ignorance, will vanish and we
shall live happily in Your Light.
YOU made us drink the nectar of YOUR LEELAS and awakened us
from our slumber, is due to YOUR GRACE and our store of merits
in past births.         
 Source::: Shri Sai Satcharita
The Wonderful Life & Teachings of  
Lord Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi.

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