This is my Prayer to Thee, my Lord —

                                               Strike, Strike at the root of Penury in my Heart.


                                        Give me the Strength lightly to bear my Joys and Sorrows

                                         Give me the Strength to make my Love fruitful in Service.


                     Give me the Strength never to disown the Poor or Bend my Knees before insolent might

                                           Give me the Strength to raise my Mind high above Trifles.


                                               And Give me the Strength to Surrender my Strength to

                                                                        Thy Will with LOVE.

                                                                                                        —- TAGORE. —


                                                             For all that GOD, in Mercy, sends;

                                                      For Health and Children, Home and Friends;

                                                             For Comfort in the time of Need.

                                                             For Every Kindly Word and Deed,

                                                           For Happy Thoughts and Holy Talk,

                                                             For Guidance in Our Daily Walk —

                                                               For Everything GIVE THANKS. 

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One Response to STRENGTH.

  1. tersiaburger says:

    Hi my friend. Just a quick note to let you know that I nominated you for two awards – The Dragon Loyalty Award and The Blog of 2013 Award. Thank you for your support. I am so grateful that we met. .

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