A TO Z OF DEVOTION.

                                         Accepts, whatever God Gives – happiness or misery.

                                                   Believe in Almighty – in all circumstances.

                                         Completely Surrender to the Lotus FEET of GOD – and                                                                    gets filled with joy of no limits.           

                                                   Devotion is complete – doubt never arises.

                        Extreme happiness enjoys – in showering flowers at GOD’s Lotus                                                                                       FEET. 

                             Friendly feeling for Almighty – that is everlasting whole life.

                                         Gift of GOD is this life – such feeling is inside.

                     Help is asked from GOD alone – hands are spread in front of no one.

                                    Infinite love feels – which surpasses love for all things.

                             Jealousy is far away, for, – Almighty spreads Kindness for all                                                                          human beings.

              Keeps GOD close to heart  – never forgets GOD even when shadows cast.

                          Life as such is full of BLISS – for small things do not worry GOD.

                                            Materials of this world – have no meaning.

                                        Never forgets GOD – whatever comes in the way.

                                       Offers  Complete ‘Self’ – at GOD’s Lotus FEET.

                                  Pleasure  does never feel – in acquiring worldly treasures.

                                               Quite is dearer – than the gossip and crowd.

                          Realizes ‘Self’ – instead of getting entangled in the world’s net.

               Speaks about GOD all the time – does not like to waste a second                                                        without keeping mind on Almighty.

                                Tears are difficult to control – on hearing devotional songs.

                                       Understands that GOD is – ultimate goal of life.

                                        Values nothing in life – more than GOD’s sight.

                       Weeps for GOD alone – when singing a song in praise of Almighty. 

                   Xylographs GOD’s name on the heart – mind absorbs in GOD till last.

                   Yells not, when trouble comes in the way – happily endures                                                              everything without complaint.

                   Zero state in meditation achieved – and remains in ever BLISS.

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8 Responses to A TO Z OF DEVOTION.

  1. cherylfoston says:

    Nice post. And thank you, for reading my blog, it is truly appreciated!

  2. priceless! very wise and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful post. Thank-you for taking time to visit my blog. I appreciate it. Have a good day. Renee 🙂

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