ASTROLOGY VERSUS SAIOLOGY.

                      Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba once said that ::::

             1. Don’t look at Birth Chart, look at Karma Chart.

                 So, Stop looking up in the Skies for answers, Start looking within yourself.

             2. Don’t look for specific planetary alignments , Look for the alignment of Mind with Heart.

             3. Don’t look if the planets are in Remedial Control. look whether the Five Senses are under Control.

             4. Don’t become Retrograde in Life, Leave that for the Planet’s.

             5. Don’t see the planets Dasa or Antar-Dasa, Reflect on Dasha and Antharatma’s Dasha.

             6. Don’t wait for the Stars to shine the Destiny, make the Stars Shine Down upon Destiny.

             7. Finally, future lies in the Nine-Fold path of True Bakthi / Seva, hence, Stop looking for future in the Nine Planets.

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  1. Randy Murphy says:

    Incredible story there. What happpened after?

    • lvsrao says:

      This is not story to read next.
      These are points of SAIOLOGY. Once have FAITH on Sad-Guru, there is no necessity to go into Astrology, calculation of the paths of Planets and it’s effect etc.

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