Satguru means a teacher that is …

    True to HIS disciples …

     True to the word HE teaches …

 True in example.

 True to the life HE lives.

  True to HIS promises.

    True to HIS Love. ..

   And True to all that hold on to HIS FEET.


    That is SATGURU.

   A SATGURU is one who never wants anything from HIS beloved children.

      HE never be Angry ever with them however much they have erred. 

   HE never partial to the one who Loves HIM over the one who forgets HIM.

  HE never demands anything in return 

  For all that HE gives.

   And HE never asks HIS beloved ones why they strayed 

       When will they return to Truth.

      And how will they pay their Karmic debt.

      HE instead understands them  

   Encouraging them to return to the right

    HE accepts them at all stages

  And HIMSELF takes upon their Karmic debt

  And frees them into the Bliss of devotion

  That is  SATGURU.      

 SATGURU never hurts any one

HE always will Smile

Whether HE is Praised or Criticized

HE will be equal to All

Giving each Soul a chance to renew their Vision

HE is always Strong

HE never weakens

Even when HIS disciple

is at cross roads

HE does Hurry or Worry

HIS Loved one

HE waits patiently.

HE Lovingly prompts to all

For them to take the right way

And when It does

The SATGURU Smiles

In joy with tears of Love

For HIS child is Safe

That is SATGURU.

A SATGURU never leaves HIS Children.

How can HE?

HE HIMSELF is addicted

To Loving HIS Beloved followers

HE takes upon HIMSELF

The whole responsibility of their Lives.

HE works hard clearing the Path for them

While they rest in faith and devotion.

HE builds the Gates of heaven

And HIMSELF opens it for them

Saying to them   …

“O, My dear children


At last you have come Home

To where you belong

Where you have every right

Over My Love

For you have Loved ME

Without counting it’s merit

At last ‘O’ Child

I shall be able to see you

Rest in ME

And I shall remain awake for ever

For your well-being 

That is SATGURU.

And in this journey

Until the very end

You shall learn of My Truth

And I shall teach you it’s every step

Without you taking it

For I shall teach you the step

And when it is time for you to take it

I will carry you

My Feet alone

Shall do the Task

And you shall just believe

That I will

I am the  SATGURU

And I am all of this

Let this word of Mine

Be your Breath

And all of this

That I have Spoken

You shall see one day

Free in Faith

And we shall

My dear ones

Both live the part

Where I shall

Always stand by you

And you

Shall Stand Confident

In My Love

We both shall

Live the Part, My Children

While being always

A part of each other



Foot Note::: SATGURU A True Enlightened Teacher

(Inspiration message received by Seema M.Dewan)

Awaken the Soul to LOVE … Allow LOVE to Flow to you

and through you to the Entire Universe.



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  1. amazing poem with a wealth of wisdom

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