(1) God is everything, our guide,guard, guardian, grace and governor   of our lives.

   (2) Instinctions and Intuitions are the inspirations of the Grace of God from within.

 (3) Divine messages are ever universally relevant and eternally pertinent.

   (4) God is well-wisher but not wish-fulfiller and hence all wishes are not to be fulfilled.

 (5) God is both maker and material as well.

   (6) The source and base of happiness is God alone.

 (7) The pinnacle of glory is at the feet of Lord only.

   (8) Consistent and constant conviction for devotion makes possible of all impossibilities.

(9) Bhakti must be a consistent and continued contemplation.

(10) Heart will be dry without devotion.

(11) Faith in God alone can solve perils and problems of life.

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2 Responses to                VIBRANT THOUGHTS OF GREAT NOBLE MINDS.

  1. Such wonderful words to embrace my brother…blessings!

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