SPECIAL VALUE OF HUMAN BODY.

              In this wonderful Universe, there exists billions of creatures or beings including Gods, demi-gods, insects, beasts and human beings.inhabiting heaven, hell, earth, ocean, sky and other intermediate regions.

              It is known to all there are four things common to all creatures, namely, food, sleep, fear and sexual union. But human beings are endowed with an additional faculty , knowledge which can be used to attain GOD vision. In spite of the fact that human body is subject to decay, disease and death; human beings have got the capacity to acquire knowledge. It is only due to human body, one can think of the perishable and transitory nature of  body itself and of the world and have an aversion for sense-enjoyments and can discriminate between unreal and real and thus attain GOD-Vision.

       Hence, if human beings neglect  the life because it is filthy, the human looses the chance of God-Vision.If  humans fondle it and run after sense enjoyments because it is precious, the being  goes to hell. The proper course, therefore, is to pursue that the human body should not be neglected nor fondled, but should be properly taken care of, just as a traveler on horse-back takes care of his pony on the way till reaches the destination. Thus the body should ever be used or engaged to attain God-Vision or self realization which is the supreme end of life.

       Since God has created human beings withe special faculty of knowledge, when human beings appreciate HIS Leela, marvelous work and Intelligence, God pleases highly and satisfies completely. 

       Knowing that human beings life is very precious and death is certain to snatch at any time, human beings should be very alert to achieve the object of life and should make every possible haste to gain the object,  Evidently, with all earnestness human beings ought to strive to attain self-realization. Casting aside laziness, warding of drowsiness, day and night meditate on the self.

                                                       Source::: Shri Sai Satcharita



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  1. soumyav says:

    wonderful share.

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