A flower looks lively until it gets plucked.


                           A flower looks lively until it gets plucked.

           Overlaid by the effect of samskaras of innumerable births in the shape of ignorance, human being hides from the view that the being is also sudda chaitanya. As stated in Baga-vad Gita chapter 5-sloka15, the human being gets the impressions — “I am Jiva, a creature humble and poor.The perpetual delusion under which the human being is labouring, that it is the Body and it is a creature (Jiva) or ego and that God (Paramatma), the world are different from the being is an error inherited from innumerable past births.

          When human being thinks that the body is everything, the physical world looks like real and permanent, it would be the beginning to walk  in darkness and becomes a hostage in the cycle of births and deaths. From actions based on such beliefs, the human beings derives joys, sorrows and mixtures of both.

          To remove that delusion, error, root ignorance the human being should start inquiry and  should realize and wake up from self-delusion. Individuals must introspect and inquire into it’s inner soul so that to realize the bond of love with God. It entails the conclusion that the individual soul is in no way differed from the universal soul and that this physical existence is short-lived like a water bubble.

          One may get fascinated by a beautiful flower and wish to posses it and hence pluck it from the plant. Within few hours , the fresh beautiful flower gets withered despite best efforts to protect it’s glow of life. The relationship between human beings and God is also similar to that  of flower and plant.

           If the human being dwells in ego, greed impulses and fond of earthly delights and indifferent to God the lives targets withered like the flower. One must know that by virtue of God’s power alone the humans are animated.

          In thoughts, words and deeds the human beings makes the lives nobler and worthier in loving service to God to be freed from the bondage of worldly life and ins and outs. .



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2 Responses to A flower looks lively until it gets plucked.

  1. Honestly speaking, some of the phrases sounded so alien the mind, yet, so very comforting to the soul. This has caressed the spirit in a very good way. Thank You.

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