UPHOLDING OF DHARMA.

   Uphold Dharma is the command of Vedas to mankind. It is believed that Dharma protects those who upholds it. Since time immemorial Sanathana Dharma has sustained itself by those who adheres to the path of righteousness.

    The Divine couple incarnated as Sri Rama and Sita Devi strictly committed to Dharma, even in the thickness of adversities. Thus the Divine couple, Sri Rama and Sita Devi stands as an inspiration for mankind to follow Dharma at all levels. Sri Rama is the embodiment of Dharma and Sita Devi is a cut above in HER commitment to HER duties. 

      Hanuman moved to extreme sorrowfulness and overwhelmed by Sita Devi’s precarious and helplessness situation. However, Sita Devi’s stature stands tall because of HER total devotion and loyalty to Dharma, that HER husband Sri Rama had to win over Ravana and take HER. Sita Devi’s dignified reaction speaks tremendous power that derived from HER austere and noble ideals. When Ravana persists, Sita Devi became enraged at his (Ravana’s) audience and warned Ravana that SHE could reduce him to ashes at the very moment, but being wife of Sri Rama SHE would not resort to that action. SHE has placed that Value to Sri Rama as husband.

     When Hanuman approached HER and handed over Sri Rama’s signet Ring, SHE consoled very much. SHE told Hanuman that SHE refrained from the extreme act of destruction of Ravana, as SHE never wishes to margin the value of Sri Rama.

     Sita Devi’s boundless compassion stands evident that SHE refrained Hanuman from attacking the demonesses and also said that they were merely doing the duty as per Ravana’s commandings.

    That was how the Divine incarnated Sri Rama and Sita Devi strictly adhered to the Divine path of Dharma commanded of Vedas.

       Mankind has to scrupulously adhere to Dharma which alone protects the beings. 


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  1. soumyav says:

    the glory of dharma is always a light to mankind,forsaken which we turn to mere ashes!

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