It is Spiritual truth that Dumbfoundedness enables the being to listen from Silence. All Vedas, Scriptures, Tunes, Srushti generated from “Ome” sound which exihbits from Silence and known as Brahma Jnana. The cause for attaining Spiritual knowledge from ‘Tapassu’ also keeps one in Silence and such of those are called ‘Munis’.

It is necessary to know keeping one in Silence does not mean merely to remain in  ‘Calm’ without Voice. Silence, from Spiritual terms, means to keep the mind without wondering on worldly pursuits or thinking. Silence means that there must not be even a bit of thinking on any worldly pursuits in the mind. Mind must be stand still concentrating on ‘Ome’ alone.

                When such is the state of power of Mind, the Jiva goes to Divine Samadhi state and reaches or attains complete Silence of the mnd in te Divine Consciousness. Such state of Divine Consciousness can rarely be attained, possibly by Great Maharishis alone. When once the Soul merges in such a Bliss Supreme Consciousness, the self (Atma) pervades in different lokas which means that Atma is All pervasive. 

It is necessary to know whether such Mano mananam (Mano recitation) is possible to attain by all aspirants.

 In order to reach such a state of ‘Mano Mananam’ , any aspirant may have to observe the adhere to the steps :::

 (1) Initially observe strict silence trying to keep Mind concentrated on 

one point. It amounts, to say, conquering stress, that is, to accept 

                    that nothing creates by external events so much as how to deal with 

any matters.

            (2) Avoid over eating.

            (3) Mind to be Concentrated strongly on Vortex, for which the Yajnam  

                   started,that is meditate on the desired ‘GOD NA-MAM’.

            (4) Gradually, the Namasmarana of desired God Na-mam enables 

                   (drives) the Mind merges in to the God  Namam kept in mind.

            (5) Under such extreme state of mind in the God’s Namasmarana, that  

                  pursuit, continues even in waking, sleep or dream. It is called 

                  Mano-Yajnam, say,Mouna-Siddhi.

                        Every aspirant on Spiritual goal ought to bear an ambition to touch that kind of ‘Mano-Siddhi’ which keeps the mind Peaceful and above all Hurdles.  From that state of Mind there would be no return on worldly pursuits. 



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