PERCEPTION OF GOD.

                It is possible to visualize the Supreme being in three ways, namely, the Absolute, Immanent within and as Manifested in all creation.

                 It may be possible to develop mystical insight to envision GOD if a spiritual seeker changes the out-look by looking upon Almighty during ritualistic worship as dear to thyself instead of distancing GOD. Moreover, love of GOD should permeate all actions similar to engagement in human relationships.

                   The famous Upanishadic analogy of two birds siting on different branches of the same tree. While one of the two birds ate fruits, the other looked on. This is an illustration to drive home truth that the bonded soul (Jivatma) engages in the world and there by reaps Karma, which is responsible for re-birth and the Lord (Almighty) who is also present in every being, remains a spectator. 

                   Human beings suffers because the being fails to remember that GOD is always within the being. Only a few who may have the required knowledge of fundamentals can understand the principle and the teachings of Great Masters.

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6 Responses to PERCEPTION OF GOD.

  1. soumyav says:

    absolute wisdom! it is very enthralling to read the lines of truth.

  2. We are discovering this Truth more every day! Wonderful post! ☼ tomas ♥

  3. The opening line of the message itself contains highest spiritual wisdom.
    “…the Lord (Almighty) who is also present in every being,”—–If we just think vividly we can also understand that we are all within Him ( God) only, because the UNIVERSE which is expanding incessantly is nothing but GOD.

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