BEAUTY OF HAPPINESS.

        Happiness is a state of which one is unconscious, that is, not aware. The moment one is conscious being happy, that is, knowing (aware) of being in happiness, the real happiness ceases to be happy. Where as, when one is being conscious of suffering, the one aware of being under suffering and desires to escape from suffering to happiness.

          Every one wants to be consciously in happiness but it ceases the moment feels to be happy.No one can say as joyous when in joyous mood perfectly., but it can be said only just after coming out of that joyous mood at least a fraction of moment later.. That is, one can say how happy it was, but at the actual moment. being continued under happiness one can never say so.

                    That is the beauty of Happiness.

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  1. soumyav says:

    to live with it,within it still realizing after coming out of it!

  2. Really interesting. An idea to think about.

  3. The mirage we carry within us thinking of it to be an oasis… and vice-versa.

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