Attaining of Truth – the final Goal.

  All religions should recognize the ultimate Goal, Reality, Self.. Devotion and determination are the means to attain fulfillment in life and living a life filled with meaning.

     In fact, we are born for a reason, that is, to achieve Liberation, Challenge Destiny.

     There is a reason for all our sufferings. Evidently, this land is called “Mastya Lokam” where birth & death and similarly happiness & sorrowfulness runs inevitably. For every suffering and happiness there exists reason. The Cosmic being, that is, the Divine Mother always desires that Her Children to learn the wheel of karma, the wheel of re-incarnation, the subtle law.  It indeed operates on the more subtle levels of nature- astral and casual. The Atma before enters into human body determines to fulfill certain Karmas that were accrued in former lives.And after fulfilling the same the Atma (Eternal-Soul) simply breaths last. 

When the Divine Mother Herself appears , the being has to shed the EGO,Nothing else shall do. Compassion and altruism are qualities of Divine Mother.So Amputate the Ego. All our sufferings are merely illusions and let them pass by. Human beings nature is goodness and  not ignorance. Hence one must learn first to become Compassionate.Do not try to seek spiritual powers since it only deceive the human being and such powers if attained  may help to realise the true nature of the being. Strength of Soul and dispassion are required.Renounce  worldly pleasures. Nullify negative tendencies by observation, differentiation and by denying it’s existence.  

The human beings life should be a life in peace and not a complicated one.Sad-Guru will always help to develop strength of Soul. Know that Meditation should not be playful. It is the ego that deceives us. The liberated human being looks at life and merely perceives his very own self.

  Evidently look beyond this worldly play which is all illusion.Through the five fires of nature anything is possible even on our plane. Self-realisation is also dogma when it is thought as another doing the work for thy self. Every one by thy self has to attain and progress and attain the final Goal.

        The final Goal is siimple::: Om Tat Sat. 

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2 Responses to Attaining of Truth – the final Goal.

  1. soumyav says:

    I try to realize every word spoken here! the depth of the thoughts are so deep that it needs more focus and dwelling to understand such truth!

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