A P T I T U D E.

                                                     A P T I T U D E.

                Every one is child of God. When one thinks so, it gives confidence in that one self.  It leads the individual to attain life’s Goal successfully. Thus one is by itself “No-body” wipes of and it becomes everybody’s in the life for all purposes. It is good concept to lead successful career in life . By this one can reach or achieve success in all ventures and stands for the benefit of people in and around at all stages. Acquiring goals in life one after other are self perpetual motivations of enthusiasm. One should keep up faith, purpose and enthusiasm. One should have aspiration for better life.It is also equally essential that one should bear will “to Find need and Fill-it” 

                In the educational systems, the Government as well as Universities are wrestling away benefit after benefit in  courses of study accrued by students through long struggles. It means that after-study opportunities are being wrestled and the students have to search for alternative sources of study despite acquiring best courses. 

                No society is static, no law is unchanging and no constitution is permanent. Given time and patience, radical changes may happen both in human nature as well as in systems of society which also reflects on human nature.

                 It is essential to find independent, natural and new methods. The emphasis should be more on “how” than “what”. It should be interactive and has to be a dialogue and not monologue.

                The ability to pass on to others, what we usually call communication skills, is the next.

                 Aptitude is the third.

                Excellence is not a skill. It is an aptitude.

               Reaching towards excellence is a matter of minding small matters. The big ones can be handled with ease.

              Aptitude is very important.

            Skills can be taught but not aptitude.

           We know the saying that an ounce of discipline is worth a pound of Gold. Intelligence need to be nurtured by guiding society, that is, people in and around and not merely solving problems.

           One has to render great strides to acquire such qualities. Aptitude ensures all these.





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