The concept of happiness differs from person to person as per the individual concerns.

    Happiness may be the desire for peaceful atmosphere for some people while for some others happiness may be some Good Relationship. Some others may have the desire of achievement of a particular Goal A happy person makes it possible for each thought to get if translated in to reality. The thoughts which flow in individual minds are converted into action and success achieved by the action of thoughts may lead to happiness. An individual may attain a state of happiness in different means.

 Some of these are:::

(1) Regular meditation leads to experience of inner bliss that provides a sense of deep contentment or say ” real happiness within one self.”

(2) An individual may also experience happiness by maintaining good relationships. A healthy atmosphere with sound communication skills raises the level of individual’s happiness.

(3) Human beings often faces ups and downs, successes and failures, in life. The growth of stable external factors and overall development and welfare entails better quality of life and it renders the experience of happiness.

 Happiness is ageless spirit and timeless joy.

Happiness makes life beautiful and meaningful. 

As per Bhagavad-Gita “One experiences infinite Bliss that may be perceived through intellect and beyond the reach of senses. When one goes into the state of Absolute Reality one can never be separated.”

All Absorbing and All Loving Divine.



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