Worshiping of Sagun Brahman.

Worshiping of GOD.

There are two aspects of GOD or BRAHMAN:::

(1) The  Unmanifested — NIRGUN  and  (2) The Manifested — SAGUN.

The Nirgun is formless while the Sagun is with form, though both denote the same “Brahman”

One may worship the former or the latter. As stated in the Bhagavad Gita Chapter XII, the worship of  Sagun Brahman is easy and preferable as human beings has got a  form (body, senses etc.,)  and natural to worship the GOD with form. In fact, our love and devotion may easily develop when we worship GOD in Form, that is, as Sagun Brahman for a certain period of time and as we advance it leads us to the worship (meditation) of Nirgun Brahman.

When we start with an intention to meditate on Sagun form, Image, Altar, Fire, Light, Sun, Water, Brahman are the 7 objects of worship, however,meditating (Worshiping) Sagun Brahman, Sad-Guru is better than all these.

Our faith in HIS (Sad-Guru) words is the seat  or Asan and our Sankalpa (determination) to start and finish the Pooja (Worship & Meditation) is the abandonment of all our desires. The subtle body (consisting of thoughts and desires) which cannot be burnt by the world dissolving fire, is destroyed by the mere meditation on Sad-Guru when faith and patience strongly prevails. 

It is the Sad-Guru that opens the eyes of our understanding and enables us to see things in true spirit and not as it appears. That is, meditating (Worshiping) of Sad-Guru gives true vision which is nothing but God -Vision.

Novel Method of Worship (Inner Worship):::

(1) Wash the Sad-Guru’s FEET with warm water of tears of JOY.

(2) Besmear HIS Body with sandal paste of Pure Love.

(3) Cover HIS Body with cloth of True Faith.

(4) Offer HIM Eight Lotuses in the form of Sattwik Emotions.

(5) Offer Fruit in the form of Concentrated Mind.

(6) Apply to HIS Head Bukka in the form of Devotion.

(7) Tie with Waist Band of Bhakthi and place Neck (Head) on HIS TOES.

(8) Wave Chamar of Devotion to Ward of Heat.

After such Blissful Worship, PRAY:-

 Introvert our mind, turn it inward, give discrimination between Unreal and Real and Non-attachment for all worldly pleasures. Let our Mind get Rest at YOUR FEET.

Thus Bless us to get Self-Realization.


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