Yearning for SAD-GURU In the Quest for Liberation.

 Yearning for SAD-GURU In the Quest for Liberation.

               Where Real or Sad-Guru is the helms man, HE is sure to carry us safely and easily beyond the worldly Ocean. When Sad-Guru places HIS hand on the disciples head, then Joy fills the heart of the disciple and wonderful is the power of the touch of the Sad-Guru’s hand.The subtle body consisting of thoughts and desires which cannot be burnt by the world dissolving fire, is all destroyed by the mere touch of the Sad-Guru’s hand. and the sins of many past births are cleaned and washed away. The speech of those whose heads feel annoyed, when they hear religious and God’s talks attain calmness. Seeing the Sad-Guru’s handsome form chokes our throat with Joy, makes the eyes flooded with tears and overwhelms the heart with emotions. When we begin to read scriptures at every step we are reminded of our Sad-Guru. When we start to write any thing we cannot compose few words or sentences but when HE (Sad-Guru) of HIS own accord makes us to write and we go on writing and writing, there will be  no end to it. When the disciples egoism props up HE (Sad-Guru) presses it down  with HIS own hand and giving HIS own power makes him gain his object and then satisfies and Blesses him.When the disciple prostrates before his Sad-Guru, then unsolicited all the chief  objects of life, namely, Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Wealth), Kama (Desire) and Moksha (Deliverence) are easily attained. Four paths, namely, Karma, Jnana, Yoga and Bhakthi lead us seperately to GOD. Of these the path of Bhakthi is thorny and full of pits and ditches and thus difficult to traverse. But relying on Sad-Guru avoid the pits and thorns and walk straight, it will take the disciple to the destination (GOD).

                 There would be Guru’s and Guru’s and many so called Guru’s who go about  and make a show of their spirituality. They may blow mantra into the ears of the Disciples and profess to teach piety & religion to their disciples, but are themselves un-pious & irreligious. He who teaches us Veda & Vedanta or the  shastras (Systems), controls breath or brands his body with mudras or gives pleasing discourses regarding Brahma to the disciples and orders the disciples to chant the same a certain number of times but does not assure any result in a definite time and by his spacious wordy knowledge explains beautifully the ultimate principle but has himself got no experience or self-realization is not a Sad-Guru.

                 There are 2 kinds of GURU’s (1) NIYAT (Appointed) and (2) ANIYAT (Unappointed / general)  The latter by their advice develop good qualities in the disciples purifying their hearts and sets them on the path of Salvation. But the contact with the former (Aniyat) dispels quality (Sense of difference) and establishes in unity by making the disciple realize “Thou Art That”. There may be various Guru’s importing to us various kinds of worldly knowledge, but HE who fixes us in our Nature (Self) and carries us beyond the Ocean of worldly existence is the SAD-GURU. HIS Greatness is indescribable.  HE saw Divinity in all beings. HE was the same in prosperity and adversity.

            He who by his discourse creates in us a distaste for the enjoyments of this world and the next and gives us a taste of Self-realization, who is well-versed in both theoretical and practical knowledge (Self-realization) deserves to be called a Sad-Guru. A real Sad-Guru possess great love for HIS disciples. The main characteristic of a Sad-Guru is that HE is the abode of peace. HE would be never restless nor ruffled. HE finds no Pride of HIS learning. The poor and rich, the small and great are the same to HIM.

           The devotees of such a Sad-Guru have to trim their heart-lamp of faith and devotion and burn in it wicks of Love so that the flame of knowledge (Self-realization) lits up and shine brighter. Without love there will be no contentment. So, the devotee should have unbroken and unbounded love on the Sad-Guru. Everything appears insignificant before Love. In the wake of love follow devotion, dispassion,peace and liberation with all their treasures. The devotee cannot get love for anything unless feels earnestly and where there exists real yearning GOD manifests HIMSELF. It includes and the means of liberation. 

           Our duty, as such, is to surrender completely to Sad-Guru and meditate on HIM. Practicing penance is better than Pilgrimage,Vow, Sacrifice and Charity. 

              Worshiping Hari (Lord) is better than Penance and Meditation on Sad-Guru is the Best of all in the Quest for Liberation.

Source::: Shri Sai Satcharita. 

                                                                       The Wonderful Life & Teachings of

                                                                        Lord Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi /// India.


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4 Responses to Yearning for SAD-GURU In the Quest for Liberation.

  1. soumyav says:

    It was an beautiful experience reading the yearning of a soul for a sadguru! it is a world of its own,with nothing affecting the soul besides the presence and the words of Sadguru.where every being ,every living thing,every part of nature seems to be of utmost importance and of a significance. He is who blesses you wth a divine insight , a heart fullof compassion and words which are a form of his grace. Many thanks for writing this.

  2. The Yearning of the Soul! So Beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog and so I am returning the visit! Such inspiring times we live in ~

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