Essence of Vedas in Bhagavatham.

 Essence of Vedas in Bhagavatham.

                    In Mahabharatam,  Sage ‘Vyasa’  had referred to the presence Sri Krishna only at intervening periods and the main concept related to the triumph of Righteousness over evil.

                   The introduction to Bhagavatham says that it is the essence of the Tree of Vedas, narrated by ‘Suka’, the son of Veda Vyasa and it is full of nectar of Supreme Bliss. The entire Bhagavatham is devoid of sweetness of rind, seed or any other superfluous matter. It is said to drink the sacred contents till consciousness exists in the individual. The verse says that Vyasa taught this benedictory work of Bhagavatham to His Son, Suka and that Rishi, Suka, kindly recited it to the king ‘Prikshit’ , who had to face death in a week.

             It says that once Vyasa was feeling uneasy at heart  deeply mourning inherently that despite the study of Vedas, served elders and possessing honesty followed the precepts and contributed the work of Mahabharatam, His soul has yet not realized the true nature. At that hour, sage ‘Narada’, who earlier was given spirit to Valmiki to write ‘Ramayana’, appeared before Vyasa and said that Vyasa should recall the exploits of the Lord, who has incarnated as Sri Krishna for the benefit of entire humanity. The sage, Narada, further told to describe at full length the various acts of GOD in HIS incarnation as Sri Krishna in particular.

                The wise declared that the abiding purpose of human being  austere penance, sacred knowledge, scientifical performances, recitation of Vedas with accurate intonation, enlightenment and bestowal of gifts are to recount the virtues of the LORD.  

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4 Responses to Essence of Vedas in Bhagavatham.

  1. What a blessing that the sages and Rishis passed these eternal Truths down to mankind for us to realize our true Self! Thank you for this introduction, Dear Rao!

  2. vision5d2012 says:

    Dear Rao – many years ago I was privileged to travel in Northern India in the company of my spiritual teacher of the Ramakrishna Order. We were in a small village, somewhere northwest of Delhi (I think) in a very small inn of some kind. It was just after dark when we heard a man singing with all his heart and soul the story of the Mahabharata that is sung each fortnight by so many devotees in India. I was spellbound. My teacher then told me what this man was singing, the tradition that has passed from generation through generation, keeping the teachings alive in the culture in the hearts of the people. Although your dissertation is more of a philosophical nature, it carried me away to your Motherland to that memory that my heart tucked away and has treasured. Namaste

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