Attaining Almighty’s Grace / Consciousness.

                                  Attaining Almighty’s GRACE//CONSCIOUSNESS.

                      The word ‘Consciousness’ can be used in many different ways.          Sometimes it may be used for the ability to stimuli or to control internal behavior etc. However, here the word Consciousness is referred to attain Grace//Consciousness of Almighty.

                   It is a known fact, clear from many scriptures that one has to reap what one sows and there is no escape unless one suffers and squares up one’s committed debts and dealings. Evidently, the past actions are the basis for the present incidents. In other words, the troubles and happiness we face in the life are our own deeds.

             In order to achieve Lord’s/Almighty Grace or say Consciousness the human beings have to meditate with unalloyed devotion and by way of worshiping.

            The human predicament in the world is linked by the preceptors to a thirsty person. The transcendental aspect of GOD is like water of OCEAN,  which will not quench one’s thirst. As far as the Almighty’s incarnations are concerned , we are all removed from them from time to time. The Antaryamin is like ground water, which can be tapped only with some effort. 

       This universe is nothing but illusion and only the real absolute exists. There is a novel form of worship as mentioned here-in  below for the benefit of the aspirants of GOD’s Grace// Consciousness as one among many forms of worship/meditation.

   (1) Wash Sad guru’s Feet    In the form of TEARS Of JOY

  (2) Besmear HIS Body           With Sandal paste of PURE LOVE.

  (3) Cover HIS Body                 With cloth of TRUE FAITH.

  (4)  Offer LOTUSES                 In the form of 8 Satwik Emotions.

  (5) Offer Fruits                         In the form of CONCENTRATED MIND.

  (6)  Decorate HIM                   In the form of Devotion & Waist Band of Bhakthi.

  (7)  Namaskar HIM                 Place neck (Head) at HIS  TOES..


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