Spiritual Maturity and Eternal Hello.


 Spiritual Maturity and Eternal Hello.

Life’s journey is a journey on pilgrimage We go on journeying through out life span. However there is always another bend along the journey road to negotiate or another road to travel. Evidently there are many goodbyes one has to say before saying “Eternal Hello”. Throughout the journey every one has to let move on different places, faces different people and different events. Every transition of life every human finds that closing of a journey and opening of another. Very few prepare for life’s transitions and cling to what seems an irrecoverable part. Yet, in everyday in the life, there will be continuous stripping. Some of us seems to be comfortable in the journey and some resists the inevitable.At times relationships shall be harder to let go on journey peacefully although may have little basis at the core of our being.
The miracle of life, the Eternal Hello, lies in the fact that one should never forget the truth that they are responsible forever for what they have tamed. It does never die. One may say many goodbyes, at times to untamed parts, before being ready to be responsible forever for what tamed.
Now-a-days, relationships are lightly treated and there are breaks and disruptions rather than goodbyes. Globalization has brought in its wake more superficiality compared to seriousness in relationships. Even before one may get familiar of the nature and atmosphere of one part of the world,there arises time to move on inevitably. Thus one moves without a real good bye due to little knowledge of the travelling root.
It is to remember that one can say real goodbye when the relationship stands seriously. When a loved one expires, it makes hardest to say goodbye. However what is eternal in the relationship remains since love is very much stronger than death. Something remains, lives and preserves in the inner heart where eternal remains exists.
Evidently life is full of transitions. One ought to learn to go through the transition parts.
Spiritual maturity can be achieved when one learns to say goodbyes fully so that that one can say it’s own “Eternal Hello”.


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3 Responses to Spiritual Maturity and Eternal Hello.

  1. Wonderfully said, Dear Rao! I love the words you use: “the Eternal Hello” – very inspiring! Thank you!

  2. Reblogged this on heartflow2012 and commented:
    Eternal Hello! Yes! This is it!

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