We come crying, fight all life long, for targets galore;

Some are successful, some are not.

Death confronts us and we are gone,

This is Maya.

We long for happiness all life long,

We try to earn wealth, acquire worldly comforts,

Get married, have children.

We try to get happiness from sense pleasures.

When old age comes and death is close by,

The futility of life glares at us that it was not true happiness,

This is Maya.

Every day we see people die. We have numbered breaths,

We know day by day we are inching towards death.

Still we cling to life’s pleasures thinking life is forever,

But everyone has to go.

This is Maya.

We rear a child from the cradle, to the first wobbly steps.

We look after him day and night, educate him;

And lo, and behold! He is grown up is on his own.

He fights his own battles with some successes, some defeats:

For everything he could not achieve, he blames us.

We still cling to him, caught in the web of blood and affection.

This is Maya.

We think we see, hear and perceive this universe

With the five senses and the mind,

This is Maya.

We see people die and their dear ones cremate their bodies,

Their daily routine goes on as usual,

And after some time they hardly remember the person gone.

Still, we think nothing will go on without us,

This is Maya.

By —  S.Modi, Delhi.

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One Response to THIS IS MAYA.

  1. Powerful meditation! Thank you!

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