To Achieve Goal in Life.


                           To Achieve Goal in Life.
                    As long as an individual is fixated and obsessed about Goal, the                    individual will not achieve it.
                    Just by doing spiritual practice without an eye on Goal, let events take    it’s own shape, the individual can reach the Goal.
                    Hence, it does not matter what  an individual does in life.
                   It is essential that let the individual aspire to be the very Best in terms of Excellence in whatever the individual does.
                   In other words-EXCELLENCE- ought to be our ideal and everything else ought to be a side effect.
                   That is invariably possible only when any individual surrender to the powerful Sad-guru- Shri Shirdi Sai with body & soul,
                    Then, Virtue, wealth, Love and Deliverance are attained without striving and unasked. 


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