Parama Purusha refers to GOD.


                                          Parama Purusha  refers to GOD.
                            Every action of Human Beings should be with Parama Purusha.
                           With out Parama Purusha, all actions of Human Beings are nothing, no matter how Great the actions may be.
                           Yet if even a little action, how small it may be, done with Parama Purusha, it amounts to have done a lot.
                           In fact, HE (Parama Purusha) is like number ONE. The actions of humans are like ZEROS.
                           When the human being take that ONE first and go on adding our performances of actions to that ONE,
                            it will be adding ZEROS to that ONE. That is, it is multiplying by TEN (10) with each action done.
                            But if that ONE is not there, our actions which are ZEROS are added to each other and the net result can only be ZERO.
                           So, go on multiplying, let not all be Zero, keep that ONE (Parama Purusha) in the First place.
                           Having taken a Human Form to realize HIM – GOD (Parama Purusha), let not the life be wasted. 
   Basis ::  Ananda Murti sayings.
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