Concept of Marriage.


 In life marriage is not a formal conception. It is a starting point that it continues and confirms to the upcoming years and vamsas too. They have to lead as one for the other keeping their self motives understanding each other in every step of their journey started there upon.

 The secret of marital life in full swing right from marriage till attiring senior citizen stage reveals the friend-ship in respect of that particular couple. In fact, together we look upon higher than any height we could reach our own. The wife and Husband successfully reach the position of mother and father to their God blessed child/children. They lead as example parents such that mother to father and father to mother and have great happy leading. So as sunrise and sunset is inevitable and one cannot say what is first whether Sunrise or Sunset since they prevail according to natures ordain, as life proceeds one cannot say what is first and what is next in the husband and wife life journey. Such is the marvelous tie between a man and woman tied up by marriage.

    In fact the wife and husband they appear always one for the other yet they are independent in personalities. They never feel lack of freedom but tie themselves as their responsibility. They individually safe guarding their self interest takes responsibility. That is, one’s own ideas and aspirations they share each other in lieu of otherwise. With all these aspirations, family ties, athmeeyathas the wife and husband travels in their life journey as one for the other. True to one self as individuals and true to one selves as couple.

 In the end when they reach old in age they can have better promolgy in life standing each other as examples to their children and children ought to express gratitude to the parents viewing themselves that they shall reach that age and hence to lead such life too.

     The parents are care takers to the children maintaining themselves with all veneration on each other and children in turn shall become care takers to the old aged parents.


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